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It’s Not Personal…

The following was originally posted by Douglas Constant on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Douglas lives at The Intersection of Purpose & Now.Any interaction between two or more persons is, by definition, personal. When someone makes a decsion or takes an … Continue reading

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Leadership: Take the Leap and the Net Will Appear

I am taking my family to Nashville, TN, for my son’s national show choir competition at the Grand Ol’ Opry this week. So I am borrowing some purpose and inspiration from others. A little melodramatic, but enjoy this brief video/slide … Continue reading

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The Perilous Journey of Becoming Someone

EVERYTHING could be pointing the way…Perhaps my favorite Nic Askew film ever. Enjoy! Watch it over and over. And as always, if Blogger is not cooperating with video, use the link in the title. Thanks for tuning in. Join me … Continue reading

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"Curiosity" starring Seth Godin‘curiosity’ from Nic Askew on Vimeo. ‘ … over & over & over again the curious are punished.’ I am on the road with my family this week, so Seth Godin is sitting in for me! Seems like videos don’t … Continue reading

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The Definition of Success

Here is my slight adaption of a contribution from my colleagues at Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) that builds on the Definition of Success I live by and share with my clients:Almost everyone I know, or can think of, wants the … Continue reading

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We Fall Down and Get Up

We fall down, we get up, we fall down, we get upWe fall down, we get upAnd the saints are just the sinnersWho fall down and get up–“We Fall Down“, written by Kyle Matthews, performed by Bob Carlisle: The Best … Continue reading

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10 Questions to Plan for Business Growth

What’s your biggest business objective in 2009? Where are your biggest opportunities right now? Where do you see a gap in your market; what’s not being offered? What do your customers complain about? How about your employees? Your managers? Where … Continue reading

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How Your Words Can Touch Someone

Subject: I want you to know how your words have touched someone Message: “Hi Mark: I had a meeting today with an old client with whom I had not talked in four years. She had printed out and brought an … Continue reading

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Are you “beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”?

Many people are suffering these days – no sense in denying this fact. Many, many more are living in fear of suffering – these are the people I am writing about (and to) today. Are you living in fear of … Continue reading

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The Call of a Leader

I’ve been coaching people on personal leadership for 20 years now and have long advocated that people give up the limiting idea of “born leaders”. Each one of us has the potential for leadership. Every one of us has the … Continue reading

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