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The Measure of a Leader: Employee Engagement & Loyalty

Most managers, and the companies they work for, quickly and decisively deal with employee absenteeism. After all, unscheduled absences cost organizations hundreds of dollars per employee, decrease productivity and visibly affect the bottom line. Typically, the work culture is really … Continue reading

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Are You The Captain of Your Own Development?

“Self-education has never been more fun, and that is because we are in control of that process like never before.” When I read this statement in an article in Fast Company magazine by staffer Tyler Cowen, it was as if … Continue reading

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We are designed to live in community

by Becky Morris A commentator on my favorite radio stations recently made the statement “We are designed to live in community”. I found a napkin in my car and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. The statement had … Continue reading

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