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Lessons from Aunt Beck – Lesson #1: Don’t Always Go for the Long Ball

by Becky Morris Golf is a game that I love to hate yet can’t help loving. For some unexplained reason, I joined a league this year. It was an opportunity to reconnect with some previous co-workers and get me out … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up Will I Be Beautiful?

by Becky Morris “When I get big will I be beautiful?” My six-year-old granddaughter, Maggie, was getting her bath the other night. My daughter was drying her off after she got out of the tub and blowing Maggie’s hair dry … Continue reading

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When the Easy Button Does Not Work

“Leaders are responsible for both the big structures that serve as cornerstones of confidence, and for the human touches that shape a positive emotional climate to inspire and motivate people.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter How does one best become equipped … Continue reading

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Stuck In The Muck

by Becky Morris Have you ever been to a race? My husband and I once attended the Indianapolis 500. We enjoyed all the pre-race activities almost more than the race. The bands, Jim Nabors (or Gomer Pyle for those who … Continue reading

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Hello, Good-Bye and Thank You

by Becky Morris My friend E Ann and I were having lunch one day and she was telling me about her daughter’s new boyfriend. It drove her absolutely crazy that every time he came to the house he never said … Continue reading

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What is the Real Nature of Success and Leadership?

It all started with a thought-provoking Facebook update by my friend, Lon Alderman: “Lon Alderman thinking about all of the stuff written about “success”, and wondering how it all stacks up against (Mark 10:43-45)” What followed was equally thought-provoking and … Continue reading

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Grow a Personal Forest

Redwood trees are among the tallest of trees, growing up to almost 400 feet tall. Instead of the incredibly deep root system you might expect, redwoods have an extremely shallow root system, sometimes only 12 feet deep. How can a … Continue reading

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The Formula for Well-Being

Personal leadership is at the heart of your day-to-day experience. It shapes your attitude, your behavior, your habits, your goals and the results you get from your time, your relationships, your work, and everything you do. Consider the hallmarks of … Continue reading

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