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So Why the Discontent?

Becky Morris, my business partner, returns to The Intersection of Purpose and Now with today’s blog, grounded in the personal experience that makes all of Becky’s articles so powerful. Many of my female friends cannot understand the pleasure I get … Continue reading

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Is Your Non-Profit The Best Available Donor Option?

Can your non-profit organization quantify your social impact compared to the universe of charitable options?   Whether you are an executive director, board member, employee or volunteer, you have a direct responsibility to both the mission impact and financial viability … Continue reading

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Catalysts for Change

My partner, Becky Morris, and I are making some changes. That’s right, major changes. We’re asking ourselves the same tough questions we ask our clients, because that’s what we do best. Our answers are coming very soon. Catalysts for Change … Continue reading

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Of Marshmallows and Learning

At Performance Development Network, no matter what kind of work we are doing, we are helping people achieve something new based in part on what they already have or know.  Breakthroughs to individual, team or organizational success might come through … Continue reading

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Where New Possibilities are Born

The struggle is the point.That’s where new possibilities are born. I see it all the time – individuals, teams and organizations trying to make decisions with as little struggle as possible. They look for “low-hanging fruit”, which can be a great … Continue reading

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