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The Leadership "Bug" That’s Highly Resistant to Treatment

It’s a tenacious little virus that can effect anyone from time to time, but it is especially harmful to leaders, or anyone who aspires to grow their influence.  And this bug is highly resistant to treatment. In her new book, due … Continue reading

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The Handoff Checklist

Change initiatives and strategic plans all-too-often fail to be implemented simply because corporate vision fails to become part of the daily attitudes, behaviors and habits of the many people who must execute the plan. Consider developing your own “Handoff Checklist” … Continue reading

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The 3 Rules That Shape My Business

Three simple rules shape my work as a business coach: I must have permission to coach you. “Is it OK if…(I ask you a question)?” I NEVER tell anyone anything. I help them discover for themselves. Therefore, I ask questions. … Continue reading

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