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Procrastination, or Just a Commitment Problem?

I would like to say I never procrastinate, but that’s not true. Is there a cure? Sometimes people think procrastination is a time management problem; truth is you cannot manage time. You have 24 hours each day. To make the … Continue reading

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Improve Results by Gaining Clarity

What one thing should our team do to produce a measurable impact on our business? Renew your focus before you change your actions. Most teams fall short of potential to produce desired results until everyone is “on the same page”. … Continue reading

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Should Your Mission Statement Read "Guess Again"?

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepared to address the nation and world on his latest strategy for unpopular U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, I saw a parallel to how many leaders get in “over their heads” with both personal and … Continue reading

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Adopt vs. Adapt: Countering Seth Godin

I admire Seth Godin and his writing: how he simplifies the chief aims of marketing and branding into simple, practical, even pithy explanations. His prolific Seth’s Blog is particularly impressive for the voracious attention it requires to produce a daily … Continue reading

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Things are Going to be Different Around Here

I have always found that, ultimately, there are two Fail-Safe ways to change an organization: Change Leaders or Change the Leaders Or, as Mike Henry writes in is article “Change Leaders or Change Leaders” on the Lead Change Blog: “Established leaders have … Continue reading

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5 Qualities of the Happy, Successful Person

Passion – Happy successful people love to work, they love to play, and they know the difference. They love what they do and they do what they love. Goals – Happy, successful people have a vision for a happy life, … Continue reading

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