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Pick a Value, Any Value

Everyone says they have Core Values, even though most people cannot say exactly what they are. Many people want to live by a well-articulated set of Core Values, but struggle with getting just the right ones identified, named or described. … Continue reading

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What do you want: Training or Results?

Communication training often has little effect on desired results. Until you know what you want to communicate and why, learning how to communicate better isn’t all that helpful. The purpose of communication is to elicit a desired result. Show me … Continue reading

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Can Your "Servant’s Heart" Serve You?

I have been working with a coaching client recently who has spent more than 20 years of her career serving others through various roles in the association management profession.  Now, for the first time in a long time, she wants … Continue reading

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75 Ways to Be The One

“As you aspire to inspire your teams with greatness may you take a moment to commit yourself to the following…” These are words of Daniel Newman in the introduction to a blog article he wrote called “Be The One: Thoughts … Continue reading

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Your Possibilities Are Endless

123RF Stock Photos My wife will not buy or wear denim jeans that have back pockets, regardless of how other people say she looks. My 90-year-old mother refuses to consider moving to a beautiful new apartment with assisted living options … Continue reading

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