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Wax on. Wax off. Process Visualization

You are either a goal-setter or you are not.¬†Generally, I find that most people are much like me in at least one way: No matter to what degree I can define my vision for future creations before I begin them, … Continue reading

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Leadership and A Good Life

No few “secrets to happiness”, or “easy steps to a great life”, or “keys to effective leadership”…but a great place to begin a life of authentic self-expression that adds value through relationships is this: Your attitude can always be improved. … Continue reading

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The Right Questions

“Never tell someone anything you could ask instead.”¬† Stock Photos from 123RF Join #TheRightQuestions dialogue! What are the questions we should be asking ourselves? What is your question? What are your favorite questions for growth and success? “Judge a man … Continue reading

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