Purpose – Avenue Q, The Musical

Let’s just have some fun today. Believe it or not, The Intersection of Purpose & Now has a theme song (well, maybe not, but we’re having fun today remember) and it’s a Broadway hit! From “Avenue Q The Musical” and the Original Broadway cast,
Purpose is sung by John Tartaglia, who voices Princeton.

Here are the lyrics:

It’s that little flame

That lights a fire under your ass.
It keeps you going strong
Like a car with a full tank of gas.
Everyone else has a purpose
So what’s mine?

Oh, look! Here’s a penny!
It’s from the year I was born!

I don’t know how I know,
But I’m gonna find my purpose.
I don’t know where I’m gonna look,
But I’m gonna find my purpose.
Gotta find out,
Don’t wanna wait
Got to make sure that my life will be great!
Gotta find my purpose
Before it’s too late.

I’m gonna find my purpose

I’m gonna find my purpose
Could be far, Could be near
Could take a week,
A month, a year
At a job, or smoking grass
Maybe at a pottery class!
Could it be?
Yes it could!
Something’s coming,
Something good!
I’m gonna find my purpose
I’m gonna find my purpose
I’m gonna find it.
What will it be? Where will it be?
My purpose in life is a MYSTERY
Gotta find my purpose
Gotta find me.

I’m gonna find my purpose!
Purpose Purpose PURPOSE!
Yeah, yeah!

You’ll find more songs from Avenue Q at http://tinyurl.com/ohalow

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