75 Ways to Be The One

“As you aspire to inspire your teams with greatness may you take a moment to commit yourself to the following…”

These are words of Daniel Newman in the introduction to a blog article he wrote called “Be The One: Thoughts on Leadership“.  Daniel wrote this wonderful and inspiring piece recently after learning about the #BeTheOne hashtag on Twitter from Tristan Bishop. #BeTheOne was created by Bridget Haymond and me to inspire others to lead from within, regardless of your position in life, with or without the title of leadership. Daniel helped me realize that, although I have tweeted extensively using the #BeTheOne tag, I’ve never blogged specifically on the subject. 

Thank you, Daniel, for inspiring what follows, a compilation of 75 of the #BeTheOne tweets that I have posted over the past year.  [Read more posts from me and other contributors, as well as transcripts from our monthly “Tweet Chats” on the Be The One blog, hosted by Bridget. Our Tweet Chats occur on the first Saturday each month at 8:30 a.m. Central U.S. Time]

Could you BE THE ONE? You don’t have to be called the leader to be a leader. Think of leadership as:

“the ability to establish a specific direction for your own life, and to proceed in that direction with the self-confidence that comes only to one who knows where he or she is going.”

Your struggle to lead is the point; that’s where new possibilities are born. And remember, the attitude of a leader is more than just positive; it is directional. Use these as your leadership lesson plan or simply as daily affirmations.  Make the rest of your life about Being the One Who . . . leads.  
  1. Who opens the door to discovery for someone else today.
  2. Who resists speaking with authority in order to listen with leadership.
  3. Who develops a keen sense of Purpose that gives way to decisiveness, shared values, noble spirit and a clear sense of direction.
  4. Who has the courage to take action now on the things that are most important to you.
  5. Who recognizes you cannot focus on what’s really important unless you have discerned what’s really important.
  6. Who never tells someone anything that you could ask instead.
  7. Who asks great questions that require reexamination of assumptions, beliefs, conclusions and commitments.
  8. Whose outlook defines your circumstances rather than whose circumstances define your outlook.
  9. Who continually seeks to achieve what before seemed just beyond your reach.
  10. Who is most alive when you are loving and actively giving yourself to serve others.
  11. Who remembers you cannot change what has happened, but by golly, seeks responsibility for what happens next.
  12. Who is more than just a dreamer; you help others pursue their dreams.
  13. Who cares more about being a leader than being recognized as one.
  14. Who finds purpose in your work, which transcends any tedium, routine, ambiguity and chaos of your day-to-day life.
  15. Who finds it amazing how picking up the “litter” where you live or work can brighten the days of those who live and work near you.
  16. Who identifies and tackles a problems that, once solved, adds value to the world around you.
  17. Who explores the limits of your ability to experience life and add value to the world around you.
  18. Who is prepared to accept the grace that people have to offer you.
  19. Who takes time to meander, refocus and discover new energies.
  20. Who is the hero of your own story. The sooner you realize you’re in an epic adventure, the sooner you can begin your quest.
  21. Who lives with intention. Without clear vision, all else is left to chance.
  22. Who does not allow your mood of the moment interfere with the intention of your life.
  23. Who seeks to see your circumstances in a new way, creating new possibilities and choices that did not exist a moment earlier.
  24. Whose authentic self-expression adds value to the world around you through relationships.
  25. Who leads with conviction and tests your convictions by leading.
  26. Who brings energy and innovation to every circumstance. Only boring people get bored with life.
  27. Who restores a noble spirit and values to your workplace.
  28. Who has moral courage that only comes through practice and habit.
  29. Who lives On Purpose each day remembering: the possibilities are endless.
  30. Who deeply appreciates your friends.
  31. Who expects great things. Your boundaries today are set by your own expectations.
  32. Who cultivates an attitude of praise. You never know who you might be encouraging.
  33. Who goes beyond looking for good to often finds it. Create good and always finds it. Make this a good day.
  34. Who leads and knows when to get out of the way.
  35. Who understands the change required of you to produce the change your want to see around you.
  36. Surprises people with the good will you show to them each day.
  37. Who may come into circumstance by accident, but stays or leaves On Purpose.
  38. Whose fiercely serious ambition lives in harmony with pure merriment.
  39. Who does not need authority because you have personal influence.
  40. Who is courageous. Without courage we may be admirers but not champions of virtue and character.
  41. Who knows that leadership is not about having followers; it is about having values, direction and purpose.
  42. Who wants joy, therefore chooses it daily and shares it generously.
  43. Who chooses to use your time wisely. All of tomorrow is not worth five minutes of today.
  44. Who does not fall into the trap of pitting expectations agains priorities. Focus on what matters most.
  45. Who focuses your affirmations on “I can”, “I will” and “I am who I want to be.”
  46. Who recognizes the glory in others. There are no “ordinary” people.
  47. Who recognizes that doing the right thing at the right time begins with knowing the right thing before it’s time.
  48. Who writes your best lessons in the white space of daily living.
  49. Who asks, “How can I help? What can I do?”
  50. Who lives for Cause rather than comfort.
  51. Who looks at life and either makes it work or makes it better.
  52. Who purifies your actions with your beliefs.
  53. Who stays focused on your own horizon of influence.
  54. Who explores and says “Let’s find out”, giving a hearty “Yes” to adventure.
  55. Who humbly plants your own garden rather than live in envy of your neighbor’s harvest.
  56. Who understands there may be more than one right answer.
  57. Who lives with integrity – a point of reference others may follow and find their way.
  58. Who chooses your best attitude even when you cannot choose your circumstances.
  59. Who uses CREST each day: Communication, Respect, Encouragement, Safety and Trust.
  60. Who gives a helping hand when it’s NOT convenient.
  61. Who is prepared to lead through chaos, crisis and change.
  62. Who explores ideas thoughtfully for creative complexities, rather than settling for pithy judgments and quick, firm conclusions.
  63. Who is slow to judge and simply responds with “That’s interesting.” (or maybe “Bless your heart!”)
  64. Who allows others to lead.
  65. Who knows you don’t have to be like the crowd to change the crowd.
  66. Who cares less about being right and more about giving light.
  67. Who is an “angel’s advocate” rather than a devil’s advocate.
  68. Who is becoming the one someone needs you to be.
  69. Who is content neutral and process focused when necessary to collaborate and achieve team synergy.
  70. Who values values.
  71. Who seeks first to inquire, then advocate.
  72. Who understand the difference between conjecture and reason, between reason and wisdom.
  73. Who remembers there is a difference between sententious and pithy, between smart and wise.
  74. Who seeks to be remarkable – that you might have a valuable influence in the lives of others.
  75. Who sleeps well each night because you lived well each day.
Be the mom. Be the dad. Be the child. Be the sibling. Be the friend. Be the neighbor. Be the citizen. Be the colleague. Be the servant. Be the leader. BE THE ONE.

  • You can do anything, but you cannot do everything. Have an On-Purpose day!
  • The biggest gift you receive today will likely be a small thing you do for someone else.
  • Everything the farmer does is to bring in the best harvest at the right time. How about you?  
  • No one falls in love with you. They fall in love with how they feel when they are around you.
  • I want to be sincere. I want to be true. I want to be transparent. I want to be authentic. I want to #BeTheOne when I’m needed. Join me in the search to be remarkable at The Intersection of Purpose and Now.

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