Disruptive Passion

When the going gets rough, the rough get going…but do they know where they are going?  Value-driven leaders have a keen sense of Purpose.

You may recognize your deep desire for something more; I hope you do.  You don’t just want it; you need it. You need a “must do”, a disruptive passion that gives your every breath, every moment, every thought, every feeling, every move clear purpose. What’s the sense in doing anything without doing it On Purpose?  Purpose can appear with reflection, but it’s much more satisfying when it is a form of anticipation.

Purpose is a necessary ingredient of a meaningful life, no doubt about it. Purpose is your only weapon against the forces of mediocrity, status-quo, boredom, dissatisfaction and decay that, otherwise, will eventually win you over.  These are the forces that hate your passion, your “heart’s desires”, your Big Idea, your purpose, and they will do everything in their power to bring you back to “the way things are”.

Without Desire and Purpose, circumstances win. You tolerate rather than pursue. You react instead of pro-act. You are reluctant to act or you merely pass. The ubiquitous “They” will try to convince you to play it safe, and intimidate you into returning to the easy path they have chosen.  They are powerfully convincing.

Passion, desire and purpose is disruptive. True passion, with purpose as your guide, will disrupt your life and the lives of those around you. But the rewards of change are growth, happiness, success, fulfillment, and significance in your private world, if not in your public world.

Goals can help you escape, but sometimes only to another cage. Goals are not enough, because goals too often give “ought to” and “should do” artificial urgency and importance

Know your passion. Articulate your deep desire in the form of Purpose. Test it against what you value most, against and your core beliefs. Then give it “legs” with written goals. Come alive with a unique sense of direction. Only then will you be able to schedule your priorities, rather than prioritizing your schedule.

Set a course for your true north and you’ll never be completely lost.  “Blow a certain trumpet” and the going may – no it WILL get rough…and you will come alive.

About pdncoach

A Go-Giver business coach working with leaders whose success depends on the performance and productivity of others. I coach individual leaders and their teams... in small to mid-size businesses, ministries and non-profits... to accelerate their results and achieve dreams by getting past the difficult, strategic challenges of their current realities.
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