Remember the Sabbath…or Go Nuts!

One of my long-time coaching clients has a great habit (well, actually a lot of great habits) that I truly appreciate. Twice a month before our coaching calls, he sends me both his most recent pre-session review form and the one from our previous call, which now includes his notes from that session. He often quotes me in his notes.

I rather enjoy being quoted. It gives me a fleeting sense of immortality, I suppose. More importantly, I love to see his insights as he recorded them “live” during our coaching calls, including the questions and lessons I share with him, and the next steps he takes as we explore his creative tensions of work and life.

In one recent coaching session, we were talking about a habit he doesn’t do as well as he would like: his need for balance, including Sabbath in his daily/weekly life, and I said this:

“Don’t be so driven that you forget to live or so open that you forget to act.”

He soon quoted me in social media and later, before our next coaching call, he sent me his notes. Here are his annotated notes from that conversation.

“How do I work Sabbath into my regular life?

Typical theology is 1/10th of my money to God, 1/7th of my time to rest, so how can I intentionally include Sabbath in my week? I can go overboard; I tend to put so much pressure on finding time to rest.

Enjoy the moment! Appreciate the moment! Even as I move from one task to another. All kinds of things can reveal themselves. Be open for those revealing moments, be ready for them; that’s a form for Sabbath. Allow some time for purposeful meandering and be open to those spontaneous opportunities that God presents to enjoy just a moment of rest.

‘Don’t be so driven that you forget to live or so open that you forget to act.’

I need sleep. I need worship. I need devotion. These are not Sabbath/rest. I also need rest.

I must guard against (God, encourage me) to allow time in my scheduling for rest.  Just as important, I must allow myself to rest at times.”

Very likely, you need to be productive. You need to eat. You need to sleep. You need family time. You need time with friends. You need devotion, fellowship and worship. You need re-creation — You need rest. You may not always be able to balance these needs throughout your week, but you could be more intentional about shifting your focus to each one throughout your week.

What would it take to give one-seventh of your time to Sabbath-rest each week?

If you know your priorities and purpose, and have a vision for carrying out your purpose, it is much easier to focus and experience some balance on a regular basis. Let rest be part of your plan. It is at least part of God’s plan for you.

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