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What of Heaven?

My life now is the seed for the flower, the blueprint for the cathedral I may someday become… What do you think heaven will be like? Is this a question you have asked, or been asked? Have you given thought … Continue reading

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Priorities: Why Don’t I Do What I Say I Want to Do?

Just because you WANT something to be a priority in your life doesn’t make it so. That’s how we end up “making excuses” for not acting on what we THINK are our priorities each day.  Following is an example. My … Continue reading

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Yo-Yos and Leadership Are Not The Same (Part 3 in a Series)

What makes training valuable to both the individual learner and the organization in which the learner performs? Consider the boy who brings his first yo-yo home from school.  You show him a few tricks that you learned as a child. With … Continue reading

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