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Feeling Dis-Integrated?

I continue to meet people who are tired of their compartmentalized lives. ┬áConstantly interrupted, with inconsistent direction, and wearing many different hats: spouse, employee, parent, volunteer, friend, leader… People so caught up in busyness that they forget who they are, … Continue reading

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The Formula for Well-Being

Personal leadership is at the heart of your day-to-day experience. It shapes your attitude, your behavior, your habits, your goals and the results you get from your time, your relationships, your work, and everything you do. Consider the hallmarks of … Continue reading

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Inspiration Ethics – The Value of Integrity

This is a copy of the latest installment in my “Inspiration Ethics” series of articles available through Ezine Articles — Do you have your own code of ethics? What if your core values were obvious in your daily actions and … Continue reading

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