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How do you get better when you’re already so good?

“How do I get better when I’m already so good?”  OK, so maybe you would never really ask this about yourself, let alone your team or your organization. I believe you could say it though, with all honesty. I believe … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a "Cop-Out" New Year’s Celebrant

Don’t be one of those cop-out New Year’s celebrants who say “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.” Don’t be a New Year’s Weenie! Resolve to do something important in 2012 (meaning: decide firmly on a course of action). Start something … Continue reading

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When you need a nudge

Today I am sharing a 2006 film that Nic Askew recently re-screened and released, featuring his interview with success coach Michael Neill.  This short film is full of nice little nuggets for you to build on. One I particularly like comes … Continue reading

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