When you need a nudge

Today I am sharing a 2006 film that Nic Askew recently re-screened and released, featuring his interview with success coach Michael Neill.  This short film is full of nice little nuggets for you to build on. One I particularly like comes early in the film, when Michael recalls the childhood meanders of floating sticks in a stream. Sooner or later, a stick gets hung up in debris along the water’s edge.

“The stick doesn’t need therapy. It’s just stuck; it needs a nudge.”

We all get hung up on things in our lives.  We get stuck by jobs, relationships, challenges and opportunities, our next move… We get confused between having been and being more, as this film wonderfully illustrates.

We all get stuck. Getting stuck doesn’t mean you need therapy.  But it’s important to recognize when you need a nudge.

Do yourself a huge favor. When you get stuck, have the courage to find someone in the “nudge” business to help you get past the debris in which you’re hung up. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Enjoy the short film.

‘god & the chocolate ice cream’ from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

I love Nic Askew short films. I have been following him since he started Monday9am.tv, which is now called Soul Biographies.  Use any one of these links to find Nic and subscribe to his wonderful, inspiring, light-shining, creative and informative films. I highly recommend it as a “5-Star Bookmark”. Now how’s that for an endorsement!


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