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The Difference That Direction Makes

I was speaking to a group of about 100 middle-school-age 4-H members from throughout Illinois a few years ago when, as I often do, I asked about their dreams. “Not the weird dreams you have at night, but dreams of … Continue reading

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Is There a Secret to Success?

Have you truly defined success? Is it your own definition, or what the “world” expects of you? Successful people set their own goals considering what others say, but deciding on what they want to do with their lives. Continue reading

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Three Approaches to Leader Development

Organizations typically take one of three approaches to management succession and leadership development. Two may be common, but do they work? Continue reading

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Don’t be a “Know-it-all”: No matter what you know

What if someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer? First of all, recognize that this will happen, especially of leaders or people in positions of real or perceived authority. No one appreciates the person who acts … Continue reading

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Your Agenda for Change

 “…a dream that lies somewhere ‘beyond your reach’ yet within the horizon of your beliefs.” Reflecting on a coaching call from earlier this morning, I am again reminded of the critical role I serve as a coach. I typically begin … Continue reading

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Introduction to Design for Glorious Living: Faith-Based Change for Christian Leaders

The final draft is ready for review and this is the Introduction to Design for Glorious Living: Faith-Based Change for Christian Leaders.  I will be sharing the complete manuscript with select reviewers soon (if you want to review, contact me privately), … Continue reading

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Remember the Sabbath…or Go Nuts!

Originally posted on Intersection of Purpose and Now:
One of my long-time coaching clients has a great habit (well, actually a lot of great habits) that I truly appreciate. Twice a month before our coaching calls, he sends me both…

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Hello world!

You will find my blog at Please join me at The Intersection of Purpose and Now!

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Why Teams? Why Team Work? Why Team Building?

“Team Building” seems to be one of the most frequent requests I get from prospective clients. “We need to improve our team work”, they say. Why? “So our people will focus more on the work that needs to get done … Continue reading

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Teambuilding – Common Goals More Critical Than Relationship Programs

Almost every week of the year, I recieve a phone call or email from a business owner, manager or another consultant wanting help with “teambuilding”. Nearly always, the emphasis is on a problem with relationships. While relationships are obviously critical … Continue reading

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