It’s Not Personal…

The following was originally posted by Douglas Constant on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Douglas lives at The Intersection of Purpose & Now.

Any interaction between two or more persons is, by definition, personal. When someone makes a decsion or takes an action which he or she realizes will affect you, it is not only personal — it is an exercise of free will and judgment on that other person’s part.

When someone says to you (usually while in the process of causing you injury or loss), “This is nothing personal. This is business,” he or she is rationalizing or trying to justify (to his or her own conscience) an action that is ethically reprehensible. And that action is always personal. Adding further traction to this fact is that people are so obsessed with making this ridiculous pronouncement.

When a damaging and surprising act of betrayal is imposed upon you, your tormentor will invariably cite the defense (if asked), “It was a business decision.”

You cannot abdicate personal judgment and culpability when you are causing any other Human Being pain or loss. Whether invoking “business decision” or just remaining coldly silent and leaving you in the wake of staggering disillusionment, the other person has committed a personal act. And somewhere inside, that person is fully aware of this fact.

How about this? I was only following my orders.

I am ultimately responsible for what I do, and for what I consciously put into motion.
Douglas Castle

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