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Procrastination, or Just a Commitment Problem?

I would like to say I never procrastinate, but that’s not true. Is there a cure? Sometimes people think procrastination is a time management problem; truth is you cannot manage time. You have 24 hours each day. To make the … Continue reading

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Part 2: Is The Cost of Personal Development Too High? – The Three Currencies of Cost.

Yesterday I asked you to consider which was most important to you, your personal entertainment or your personal development.  Then I asked you to take the “Calendar and Check Register Test” to measure your actual values.I have asked this question … Continue reading

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The Formula for Well-Being

Personal leadership is at the heart of your day-to-day experience. It shapes your attitude, your behavior, your habits, your goals and the results you get from your time, your relationships, your work, and everything you do. Consider the hallmarks of … Continue reading

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