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Are You Aware of Conditions of Badness?

Oh, how we love to be right!  People hate to be wrong, we resist admitting mistakes and have a hard time apologizing for our wrongs.  This often keeps us from making improvements. Nothing against the Strengths movement of personal development, but … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Time to Move to a Bigger Pond

“In a pond, koi can reach lengths of up to eighteen inches. Amazingly, when placed in a lake, koi can grow to over three feet in length. The metaphor is obvious. Growth is limited only by the environment you occupy.” … Continue reading

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What Quality or Virtue Do You Most Want to Develop This Year?

How will you grow and develop yourself this year? What quality or characteristic of personal leadership development will you focus on?  I suggest you begin with the fertile ground of Virtue. As for me, I begin with Courage.  Courage begins … Continue reading

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