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The Perilous Journey of Becoming Someone [re-post]

I thought that if you liked the Nic Askew short film in last Thursday’s post, you might appreciate a re-post of one of his first films, and one of my favorites. Here it is. Enjoy. (from my March 19, 2009 … Continue reading

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Part 2: Is The Cost of Personal Development Too High? – The Three Currencies of Cost.

Yesterday I asked you to consider which was most important to you, your personal entertainment or your personal development.  Then I asked you to take the “Calendar and Check Register Test” to measure your actual values.I have asked this question … Continue reading

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Part 1: Is the Cost of Personal Development Too High?

Which is most important to you: personal entertainment or personal development? How do you know?  Two sure-fire ways to measure importance is to look at how you allocate time and money – your calendar and finances. Let’s do some quick … Continue reading

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