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Creating Value

123RF Stock Photos I have a rather innovative coaching client who is an entrepreneur in the information technology business.  One of the many great things about being a business coach is the opportunity I have to witness the birth of … Continue reading

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A Brochure on Coaching?

My last post was on the Cost of Change, and addressed an obstacle that keeps many people from getting the coaching they want and need. My friend, Julie Poland, addressed another obstacle, Choice of Venue, in her blog.  Today, I … Continue reading

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How much does change cost?

My good friend, colleague and bi-monthly peer coach Julie Poland wrote a wonderful article about one of the obstacles that keep people from engaging in a coaching relationship, The Summit Blog: Alternative venues for you and your coach.  Another obstacle that … Continue reading

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Part 2: Is The Cost of Personal Development Too High? – The Three Currencies of Cost.

Yesterday I asked you to consider which was most important to you, your personal entertainment or your personal development.  Then I asked you to take the “Calendar and Check Register Test” to measure your actual values.I have asked this question … Continue reading

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