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Your Agenda for Change

 “…a dream that lies somewhere ‘beyond your reach’ yet within the horizon of your beliefs.” Reflecting on a coaching call from earlier this morning, I am again reminded of the critical role I serve as a coach. I typically begin … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Character Like Nelson Mandela

Certainly, pray for changed circumstances. But do not resign yourself to prayer alone when God is expecting you to carry His covenant into those circumstances. Sure, you live in a place and time that surpass your understanding and abilities, but … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Crisis Kill Your Strategy

Crisis doesn’t have to kill strategy…as long as it doesn’t kill strategic thinking. I am in the early stages of working with a successful, locally-owned pawn broker and jewelry business that, in almost 20 years of doing business, has a … Continue reading

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A Brochure on Coaching?

My last post was on the Cost of Change, and addressed an obstacle that keeps many people from getting the coaching they want and need. My friend, Julie Poland, addressed another obstacle, Choice of Venue, in her blog.  Today, I … Continue reading

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How much does change cost?

My good friend, colleague and bi-monthly peer coach Julie Poland wrote a wonderful article about one of the obstacles that keep people from engaging in a coaching relationship, The Summit Blog: Alternative venues for you and your coach.  Another obstacle that … Continue reading

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Things are Going to be Different Around Here

I have always found that, ultimately, there are two Fail-Safe ways to change an organization: Change Leaders or Change the Leaders Or, as Mike Henry writes in is article “Change Leaders or Change Leaders” on the Lead Change Blog: “Established leaders have … Continue reading

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The Handoff Checklist

Change initiatives and strategic plans all-too-often fail to be implemented simply because corporate vision fails to become part of the daily attitudes, behaviors and habits of the many people who must execute the plan. Consider developing your own “Handoff Checklist” … Continue reading

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Something Radical

“I continue to face the same challenges over and over again, and nothing really changes.” “I want to achieve my goals, but… How do I break or change old habits and start new, more productive habits?” “I want to be … Continue reading

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Look, up in the sky. It’s "Influencer!"

“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” This is a fun question we often ask team building participants to discuss in pairs as we hike them to our outdoor “team challenge course”. The answers (and the motive … Continue reading

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Catalysts for Change

My partner, Becky Morris, and I are making some changes. That’s right, major changes. We’re asking ourselves the same tough questions we ask our clients, because that’s what we do best. Our answers are coming very soon. Catalysts for Change … Continue reading

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