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Prepare Your Character Like Nelson Mandela

Certainly, pray for changed circumstances. But do not resign yourself to prayer alone when God is expecting you to carry His covenant into those circumstances. Sure, you live in a place and time that surpass your understanding and abilities, but … Continue reading

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Pick a Value, Any Value

Everyone says they have Core Values, even though most people cannot say exactly what they are. Many people want to live by a well-articulated set of Core Values, but struggle with getting just the right ones identified, named or described. … Continue reading

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What Quality or Virtue Do You Most Want to Develop This Year?

How will you grow and develop yourself this year? What quality or characteristic of personal leadership development will you focus on?¬† I suggest you begin with the fertile ground of Virtue. As for me, I begin with Courage. ¬†Courage begins … Continue reading

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Practice a Value a Day

Positively change your life and the lives of people around you by practicing the following simple activity every day starting now. Consider a single common virtue or value, just one for today. Use one of these below or choose your … Continue reading

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Why did you become a leader?

Let’s get this started correctly: there are no born leaders. Not you, not that person you admire, not any of the “greats” from history…there is no such thing as a “born leader”. Leaders are made. Leaders are developed. Leaders are … Continue reading

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