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Is the Problem or Solution Really "Conflict Management"?

“Can you do a workshop on Conflict Management?” How many times, over the years, have I been asked this question? Too many to count. I don’t get asked much any more because people no longer see me as merely a … Continue reading

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Four Questions Every Team Must Address

There are four key questions a team must address and continually review, iteratively and in sequence, to improve the ability to work together effectively, to be more innovative, and to improve performance. These questions expose key problems and point toward … Continue reading

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Adopt vs. Adapt: Countering Seth Godin

I admire Seth Godin and his writing: how he simplifies the chief aims of marketing and branding into simple, practical, even pithy explanations. His prolific Seth’s Blog is particularly impressive for the voracious attention it requires to produce a daily … Continue reading

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