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Tips for Testing Your Strategic Plan

Here are some questions I will be asking in the next few months, “tips” for my clients, new and existing, regarding strategy and execution. ┬áSome are for-profit companies and some are non-profits. All have at stake their own success and … Continue reading

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Should Your Mission Statement Read "Guess Again"?

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepared to address the nation and world on his latest strategy for unpopular U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, I saw a parallel to how many leaders get in “over their heads” with both personal and … Continue reading

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Finding Your Character in Your Five Favorite Movies: Mr. Holland’s Opus

“Good work enriches the world and also enriches the worker.” – Scott Russell Sanders “What is your favorite movie?” ┬áThis is a fairly common question and a good conversation starter as well, because we can learn so much about a … Continue reading

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